In Southern California, we have the most sought out weather in the world.

While the sun shines bright most of the year, what better place to soak up the great weather than in the comfort of your own backyard? Located in Los Angeles, Exodus Construction and Remodeling can help you enhance your outdoor living space so you can enjoy sunny Southern California all year round. Regardless if it’s for aesthetic, or for practical purposes, landscaping is inevitably a big part of backyard maintenance and home improvement. Not only does landscaping add significant value to your home, but it also surrounds your home creating an inviting, beautiful sight. A properly landscaped home can also help the energy efficiency of your home, trees provide shade while shrubs direct a cooling breeze to alleviate the heat during warm summers. The options are endless, landscaping allows for easier navigation throughout your backyard to help prevent dragging mud and water into your home.


Hardscaping Elements




Patio Deck

Pool Deck

Fire Pit

Outdoor Kitchen

Outdoor Fireplace

Water Features

Walls & Pillars

If you’re looking for low maintenance, eco-friendly route to maximizing your outdoor space, hardscaping is the answer for you. The limited amount of maintenance required is one of the most appealing benefits to hardscaping. Once the design has been done, no watering, mowing, pruning, snipping or trimming is necessary. You can continue to enjoy the beauty of your backyard without the fuss or concern to constantly be having to take care of anything. Hardscaping is a great solution to regions suffering from a drought. This removes the tons of water necessary to maintain flowers and plants and allowing you to go water-free.

Benefits of Pavers

Aesthetically Appealing

Add Curb Appeal


Low Maintenance

Easy Installation

Environmentally Friendly

A Wide Array of Options



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